We're storytellers.
And brand fanatics.
We're werkshop.

Werkshop is a collective of amazing storytellers.
We bring passion to handcrafting successful brands.
Sharing these brand stories with the world is our passion.
A few would say we’re a bit fanatic about it.
Yeah, we tend to agree.



Brand Strategy
Research & Brand Insights
Messaging & Content Creation
Marketing Planning
Brand Positioning


Brand Development
Naming Development
Brand Identity/Logo Design
Product & Package Design
Environment Design


Content Marketing
Web Design & Development
Video & Film Production
Advertising Campaigns
Public Relations

definitely the high-fives.

Brands & Clients

We've had the honor of working with some of the
coolest brands across various industries.
Here's just a few we’ve had the privilege of calling family.

the fanatics

  • Tim Earnhart

    CEO/Chief Brand Architect
    Born in Switzerland
    Loves His (local) Coffee
    Wears His Shirts Untucked
    Has A Thing For Red Nike Shoes
  • Crystal Wexler

    VP of Strategy & Brand Engagement
    Eats Ice Cream for Dinner
    Would Rather be Outside
    Running is My Therapy
    The Spicier the Better
  • Jordan Kinard

    Director of Content Strategy
    Shooting Photos & Making Films
    Watches Seinfeld Everyday
    Root Beer Aficionado
    No Such Thing as too Many Cats
  • Hannah Snyder

    Brand Manager
    Creature of Habit
    Pepsi Enthusiast
    Healthy Obsession With Dogs
    Walker Texas Ranger Fanatic
  • Philip Earnhart

    Chief Brand Designer
    Football (soccer) Junky
    Creamy Cappuccino Bath
    Design Nerd
    Personal Italian Gelato Trainer

Shop Blog

  • Building A Solid Strategy for Your Retail & Consumers Products Brand

    As we roll toward the end of the year and we get closer and closer to Christmas (don’t worry we aren’t forgetting about Thanksgiving!) we started thinking about Santa’s workshop. While we’d love to relate our Werkshop to old Saint Nick’s on many levels, we both build things to inspire happiness and joy in our clients, one area we have related to recently is dealing with tangible, physical products.

    Don’t worry, we haven’t traded in our branding chops to go build toys. However, many of our most recent clients have been creating some sort of product to sell and we’ve been having fun developing and launching those brands. read more

  • What The Tech?

    You might not even realize it, but our culture is suffering from a vast addiction problem. Technology addiction isn’t new, but it is getting worse. The amount of time we spend on our phones, computers, and ipads adds up to a startling amount of our lives. The hysteria of technology is easy to get sucked into, just look at the new iPhone X release, and there is nothing actually wrong with social media or technology in general, but it is important to make sure you’re still in control.

    read more

  • What We Love About Going Virtual

    A few months ago we went from a brick & mortar location to a completely virtual company. We’re online, working remote, and still killing it. In our last blog we explained the details of the move and how we traded offices for coffee shops, you can read more about that here.

    While it’s been great for our company, it’s also been great for us. We wanted to get a little more personal and talk about the individual things that we love about our new virtual setup.

    read more



Building consumer facing brands and telling those stories is what we do best. At our very core, we build in the retail, restaurant, and consumer products spaces. We have an amazing team committed to crafting and amplifying your brand story so it resonates with those who are your strongest cheerleaders and brand champions. We’re ready to help. Contact Tim Earnhart or Crystal Wexler today.

Feel free to call us. We’d love to talk to you. It also allows you to hear our southern hospitality and charm. Dial the digits. 270-320-7829