• What The Tech?

    You might not even realize it, but our culture is suffering from a vast addiction problem. Technology addiction isn’t new, but it is getting worse. The amount of time we spend on our phones, computers, and ipads adds up to a startling amount of our lives. The hysteria of technology is easy to get sucked into, just look at the new iPhone X release, and there is nothing actually wrong with social media or technology in general, but it is important to make sure you’re still in control.

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  • To Post, Or not to Post? That is the Question!

    We’ve all come across businesses social media accounts that are either doing it so right that jealousy lingers or it’s so wrong that it makes you cringe. Here at Werkshop, we offer social media management to help build your brand, increase traffic to your website, and help develop creative content for your social media accounts.

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  • You’ve heard about writer’s block….But what about creative’s block?

    Someone once told me that creatives struggle working the traditional 9-5 jobs. When I started working as a designer, I realized that struggle is real. Whichever artistic field you work in — whether a painter, a musician, or like me, a graphic designer — it is difficult to pencil in creativity in your schedule. Mine usually sparked right before bed when my mind was clear of the hustle and bustle from that day. When my schedule changed, I had to find ways to keep that spark ignited. 

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