• The Impact of Organizational Culture on Your Brand

    When people ask you about your organization, what do you tell them about? Is it the people you work with? Do you describe your office space? Or maybe you talk about the weekly status meetings you attend? All of these aspects are components of your organization’s culture.

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  • It’s The Little Things

    It really is all about the little things. Have you ever been impressed with someone or something and realized after the fact that it really was just something small and non-monumental but it had a great impact on you? I’ve had plenty.

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  • Put a Brand on It.

    We spend so much time focusing on clients and building our client’s brands that sometimes we fail to step back and take a look at our personal brand.  For some of us it is a difficult task to develop a brand that is truly our own.  Until one day you get asked the question “what is your personal brand?” and you find yourself lost for words.  That is your wake up call, when you realize you have worked so hard to get where you are in your career and current chapter in life but have little to say about your personal brand.  

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