Marketing Planning for 2011

Two DIGs, two days, two cities and many friendly faces – that pretty much sums up the last few days for me! As usual, it was a pleasure to dig in to a marketing topic with friends, but considering that this month was about marketing planning, I am particularly satisfied. As the “head brain in charge of marketing plans” at Werkshop, (I don’t plan to change my title, by the way), it is imperative that I not only stay current and follow marketing trends, but it is equally as important that I not lose sight of the basics of what we do. If you attended the DIG this week, you experienced a solid refresher course in marketing strategy 101. We discussed everything from the relevance of mission statements, knowing who your company really is (what are those core values again?), to goal setting.

The presentation from this week’s DIG can be found below.

What to take away from this week’s lesson?

1. Think about your marketing plan in a two parts: First, it is a repository of information from the history of your company and what you learned from those activities and secondly, it is a road map for what you want to accomplish in the next period of time.

2. Anchor your plan in “big ideas” – but not every tactic has to be a big idea.

3. Measure, measure, measure. If you can’t measure it, don’t put it in the plan.

4. Don’t plan alone. Form a committee who will hold you accountable and challenge your opinions.

5. Be consistent. If you start 2011 with a good plan, it will be simple to refresh in 2012, and beyond. Just get started.

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