HOW TO: Take your information from boring to scoring with Inforgraphs

Whether you’re projecting global internet traffic usage for 2015 or explaining the danger of sitting all day, infographs have proven themselves to be a powerful tool for information sharing. Most of you are probably familiar with infographs and might have even referenced or shared them with your friends, but have you considered how you can leverage them for you brand?

There are endless possibilities. You can use them to highlight statistical information about your products or services, share information regarding the benefits of your industry or break down your annual report for shareholders. However you slice it, infographs have become the premier way for changing “boring statistics” into “powerful insights”.

Here’s a recent infograph we found which shares financial information for one of our favorite brands, Apple:

The one thing that stood out to us in this infograph was the fact that Apple brought 4 times more revenue than the previous year’s giant, Walmart while spending 3 times less on operations. And that’s the brilliant thing about infographs, what stands out to us might be completely different than what stands out to you.

So, as you’re looking for creative ways to share your annual report this year or highlight your products and/or services, consider how you can use inforgraphs to grab the attention of your audience like never before.

If you have any questions or are interested in creating an infograph for your business, feel free to contact us here.

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