• Hustle & Handshakes

    We’re kicking off a new year of exciting things and we’re busy making 2018 the best year we can. The end of last year gave us pause to reflect and review the changes of yesteryear. The wins, the losses, the struggles, the triumphs, the changes we made and the obstacles we faced.

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  • Client Spotlight: Cult of Pedagogy

    We recently had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Gonzalez to craft a new brand and website for her business, Cult of Pedagogy. When Jennifer approached us, she already had a successful business and a loyal user following. After our initial meeting we quickly discovered that what she ultimately needed was a rebrand and a total website overhaul. When it comes to branding we get a little giddy, like Joanna Gaines at a shiplap sale. Our overarching goal for the Cult of Pedagogy brand was to create consistency, truly capture her unique style and personality, and provide followers with a seamless user-friendly experience.

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  • To Post, Or not to Post? That is the Question!

    We’ve all come across businesses social media accounts that are either doing it so right that jealousy lingers or it’s so wrong that it makes you cringe. Here at Werkshop, we offer social media management to help build your brand, increase traffic to your website, and help develop creative content for your social media accounts.

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