The Shop

Werkshop is a critically acclaimed integrated branding firm headquartered in Bowling Green, Kentucky surrounded by southern hospitality, beautiful bluegrass rolling hills, basketball, bourbon trails, caves and Corvettes. Werkshop helps companies achieve their business objectives and believes that extraordinary brands are not mass-produced in a factory, but carefully handcrafted in a customized shop. Their strength is fortified in their culture, experience, process, creativity and people. They pride themselves in their ability to work with any client, from any industry or category, to build a brand worth talking about. We look forward to hearing from you. You’re our next client. Let’s build a brand together.

The Head Carpenter

Tim Earnhart is founder and Chief Brand Builder of Werkshop. Tim brings close to 20 years of professional branding and marketing experience to the shop table. He has played key roles in the development of dozens of brands, creative campaigns, and success stories for companies around the world. He possesses a keen interest in helping others be successful. Tim also consults and coaches companies around the country on branding, marketing, and leadership development. In the last few years, Tim has become a sought after speaker on the topics of branding, consumer behavior, leadership development, life passions, and perseverance. If you’re interested in having him speak at your next event or conference, contact him via Linkedin.

Born in Bern, Switzerland and raised in Portland, Oregon, he moved to the south in 1991. Tim has been active both professionally and personally with various non-profits and advisory groups, and in 2004 was chosen as the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year. In addition to Werkshop, he is also a partner in three other companies. Tim is what you might call a passionate, creative, driven serial entrepreneur. Earnhart and his wife Jennifer reside in Bowling Green with their two children, 15 year-old Hallie and 11 year-old Tyler.

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